Work Package 6: Transfer of knowledge and innovation into use

Recognizing that different people learn via different forms of communication, FERTINNOWA will adopt a wide range of communications practices to enable the various group of stakeholder to hear about and engage with this thematic network.
Key to FERTINNOWA is the identification of ‘early adopters’ (commercial growers who are, or could, lead in the adoption of water efficient practices) – these businesses will be identified in the benchmarking activity (WP3) and will be engaged for events to act as focal points within each country for the dissemination of information relating to innovative technologies.
To enable the maximum uptake by growing industry and the irrigation technology supply sector, this project will aim to deliver key messages through:
1. showcase events, field visits, and meetings
2. trade press and printed literature
3. online, electronic communication
Within all communication activities, the project will include reference to the benchmarking activities and economics costings where possible and appropriate.
Communications will be translated into the languages of the partner countries.