Work Package 5: Exchange of technologies

The aim of WP5 is to exchange technologies between the different regions, crops, and growing systems in order to fulfill the remaining gaps pointed out in task 3.3 and 4.1. WP 5 will exchange a selection of at least 8 technologies resulting from the workshop at the end of the Benchmark study and WP4. At least 8 innovative techniques and decision rules will be derived from these experiences, as a result of the on-site introduction and monitoring of performance.
The decision rules will serve to take the appropriate decisions on using those techniques by farmers. For instance, soil suction sensors could be selected for monitoring soil nutrient status, but the farmer and/or field technician need information on the best location for those sensors (e.g. distance from the plant, irrigation lines, etc.), and the minimum number of sensors, measurements,… for optimal monitoring and control.
WP5 will be carried out in close collaboration with WP6 in which the technologies will be showcased. There will be field trips and visits to the showcased techniques in WP5. Showcasing the potential use of WP3 and WP4 tools and available techniques will stimulate local advisors and growers to effectively implement those technologies at the field scale.