Work Package 2: Inventory of existing knowledge

Water research and innovation faces several multidisciplinary challenges and involves a wide variety of stakeholders like policy sectors, decision makers, researchers, advisors and the end-users, in this case, the growers and grower’s organizations. By lack of adequate knowledge exchange, the expertise of this diverse group is not exploited optimally.
WP2 will make an inventory of all the knowledge and technologies available into a meta-knowledge database. To collect and catalogue research results, technologies and expertise WP2 will create a platform consisting of a various group of stakeholders . The other WPs will use the platform and will have easy access to the gathered information. Results of the WPs will feed back into the platform. Workshops will be organized at the end of WP3 and WP5 in order to transfer the output to the External Advisory Board, which consists of a select group of Stakeholders. CAFS will coordinate the communication with the members of the External Advisory Board. The Leaders of the WPs and tasks
involved in the workshops will organize the workshops.