Water source and availability

Bio4safe: An innovative approach to enhance resource efficiency and safeguarding by using biostimulants and innovative sensors in horticulture (2017 – 2021)

Contact: Els Pauwels (PCS, Centre for Ornamental Plant Research)

This project aims to reduce water and fertilizer use in horticulture by using biostimulants and innovative tools. This combination will result in up to 20% reduction of water and 10% of fertilizers, depending on the crop. By including BS based on seaweeds, economic opportunities for seaweed producers will be created.

WINDRO: Mechanical transmission system integrated into a wind turbine for water desalination and depuration by reverse osmosis (2016 – 2019)

Contact: Rafael Ros (Generación de Agua)

Website: www.lifewindro.eu

This Life project involves the realization of a prototype installation (“pillot´´) for water desalination by reverse osmosis.

The innovation of this facility is its ability to work self-sufficiently, using only the mechanical energy generated by a wind turbine adapted to transmit said mechanical pumps high-pressure reverse osmosis system power directly.