Technologies for: Fertigation management

Using selective electrodes for rapid on-farm analysis of nutrients

Ion selective electrodes are sensors which respond selectively to an ion present in a solution, enabling the measurement of its concentration. They frequently measure only one ion, but some equipment can measure several nutrients at the same time. The solution can be a nutrient solution, drainage, soil solution or plant sap. The determination is quick […]

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Using VegSyst-DSS to prepare irrigation and N plans for fertigated vegetable crops grown in greenhouses

The decision support system (DSS) software for Windows, VegSyst-DSS, prepares site and crop specific plans for optimal management of N and irrigation of seven major vegetable crops grown in Mediterranean greenhouses: tomato, pepper, cucumber, zucchini, supported melon, non-supported melon, watermelon and eggplant. The DSS can be used with soil or substrate grown crops. The software […]

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