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Aqua4D by Aqua4D Agriculture

AQUA4D is an electromagnetic water treatment technology that facilitates a better dissolution and distribution of minerals, promotes water retention in the soil and allows for absorption of minerals by the plants. AQUA4D also increases the natural resistance of plants against diseases, avoids nematode attacks in roots and prevents clogging and biofilm in pipes. What is more: AQUA4D brings all these advantages without changing the chemical composition of the water, it does not use any chemicals, it does not create any by-products, it consumes very little energy (can be powered with a small solar panel) and it does not require any maintenance. The overall result is an increase up to 20% in  the production yield, using up to 25% less water, with a fast return on investment (payback between 6 and 24 months).



New technology to transform nutrients from effluents (Municipal wastewater, industrial residues and farming manures) into bio fuels, using algae ponds and anaerobic digestion. A first industrial demo site of 2 ha of algae cultures is operational in Chiclana near Cadiz, producing biomethane for 40 vehicles, as well as disinfected wastewater for reuse, and biofertilizer. New technology to transform nutrients from effluents (Municipal wastewater, industrial residues and farming manures) into biofuels, using algae ponds and anaerobic digestion. A first industrial demo site of 2 ha of algae cultures is operational in Chiclana near Cadiz, producing biomethane for 40 vehicles, as well as disinfected wastewater for reuse, and biofertilizer.


Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos Agrícolas de Almería (COITAAL)

El Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos Agrícolas de Almería (COITAAL) es una Corporación de derecho publico que agrupa a todos los Ingenieros Técnicos Agrícolas que ejerzan la profesión en la provincia de Almería. En el stand de Fertinnowa se pretende dar a conocer los servicios que prestan los Ingenieros Técnicos Agrícolas al sector almeriense y sobre todo en el ámbito de la fertirrigación.


“Cheaper Agrícola” by Dr Calderon Labs

The agricultural CHEAPER is a device designed for the injection of nutrients into an irrigation system. Its main characteristics make it a simple system, free of maintenance, with low energy consumption, adaptable practically to any irrigation system. Its operation is based on the theory of “Oriffice Meter”, according to which, the amount of fluid passing through a hole is directly proportional to the square root of the differential pressure upstream and downstream of the orifice.
In irrigation systems, a suction line depression (NPSH) is usually generated. This depression is used by the agricultural cheaper to introduce nutrients in the form of a concentrated solution in the irrigation line. As you want the depression generated in the suction line depends, among other variables, on the flow delivered by the pump, equally the flow sucked by the cheaper, depends on the depression generated in the suction line, so the relationship between these two variables can be kept relatively constant within a wide range of flows.
This system has been successfully tested in some strawberry farms in Colombia including one of 10 hectares (Santa Maria strawberries) in hydroponic cultivation in rice husk substrate and coal slag in mixture 70/30 for more than 10 years.

Irrigation and nutrient management by Corhize

CoRHIZE is an independent French company that has been providing since 2007 innovative and proven solutions to see fast and right, decide and act with relevance to secure yields and draw the best value added from crops.

In the characterization of the infield heterogeneity of soils, irrigation management, active supervision of crops and facilities, CoRHIZE values ​​the fruit of a combination of know-how putting the most advanced technologies at the service of a concrete and realistic agronomy. We promote accessible Precision Framing with the sole aim of providing cost-effective solutions to real needs and bring value-added to actors of quality channels.

You are in search of economic performance, and you think that this one passes first by the technical performance. We have reliable answers and experience to help you.

Nutrient use efficiency by Distribuciones Industriales y Cientificas SL

DICSA, is a company dedicated to the distribution of laboratory equipment and scientific equipment, as well as equipment to help control fertigation.


Irristrat by Hidrosoph Sistemas de Información Agrícola, S.L.

The efficient and sustainable management of water in agriculture has become simpler. Since its market introduction in 2009, Irristrat™ has stood out as the most advanced intelligent irrigation management software, integrating monitoring equipment from leading manufacturers, processing field information in real time and providing accurate information to farmers, for more efficient irrigation with better results. The Irristrat™ platform is a complete system that integrates Irristrat™15 for operational management, Irristrat™ Mobile for greater access mobility and Irristrat™ BI for data exploration and cross-checking.

Projects are customised for each client, with remote support from agronomy and irrigation experts. Each project is broken down into Irrigation units with the following characteristics:

• Soil Parameters (type, layers, slopes);

• Crop Data (growth stages, root depth, water utilisation and stress rates);

• Irrigation Systems (characteristics and performance);

• Tools to collect information (weather stations, probes, flowmeters, dendrometers) and the weather forecast.

Irristrat ™ works with all equipment from the leading brands.

After the initial characterisation, customers helped to define the irrigation strategy that best serves their overall objectives.

Fertigation management by Inta crop

At INTA, we have over 25 years experience developing and installing advanced systems for fertigation control for all types of crops as well as climate control for greenhouses. This means that we can always offer the most reasonable and suitable solution for your crops.

We have implemented design and construction projects for irrigation head centres and climate control for greenhouses in over 30 countries, adapting to the crop requirements and the needs of those responsible for their management. This ability to change and respond is one of the basic principles in the operation of our company.

We aim to provide a direct and efficient service. We will always provide the necessary support at any time and at any location. Our basic objective is the success of our clients and that is what we are proud of.

Soluciones Agricolas Naturales by ISPEMAR S.C.A

ISPEMAR Natural Growing Solutions is a company born in Almería, established as a cooperative in October, 2001 and specialized in producing natural solutions for its appliance in Agriculture. ISPEMAR ́s philosophy is looking forward to the future to create the most advanced solutions environment friendly. This target is the basis of our day by day work, we want to give you the most advanced products assuring quality in the food you produce and the generations to come. Trutina system: Plant monitoring system focus into determinate the water needs of the plant on real time by weight. With Trutina we can get information about irrigation, drainage, transpiration, plant weight and biomass.

Nutrient use efficiency by ITC S.L.

ITC was set up in 1988 and is dedicated to manufacturing dosing pumps and dosing control equipment. The wide range of products developed by ITC, including dosing pumps from 1 to 3200 l/h, Mixers, controllers and sensors for water quality, allows meeting the needs for water treatment applications in wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants, industrial processes, food industry, landscaping and agriculture.


METER GROUP PROFESSIONAL AGRICULTURE provides turn-key field monitoring stations to help consultants and technical staff adjusting Irrigation and crop management practices as well benchmarking their performance. METER GROUP also trains and provides support to consultants in order to ensure a meaningful use of the information to make decisions.


SupPlant by Naandanjain

Naadnadjain will present a unique system based on a set of ground-breaking algorithms to analyze data collected from sensors: soil, climate and most importantly plant-based.

The data collected is translated to a series of agriculture services:

  1. Growth-Based IrrigationTM, a unique closed-loop irrigation system, fully autonomous and reactive to plants needs in real time: already commercial in 14 of the worlds largest markets, showing constant results of 30% water savings and above 5% increase in yields on average, in a wide range of crops.
  2. Decision support tools; alerts and notifications generated from the field; accurate protocols for implementation of agro-chemicals based on real-time crop data; agronomic guidance.
  3.  Data-driven services, among them dynamic irrigation regimes and instructions, based on real-time calculations of data.
  4.  Turn-Key agriculture projects, built from the ground up to be fully integrated with SupPlant’s data based autonomous technology.

Nutrient use efficiency by Nutricontrol S.L.

We are a Spanish company that is a market leader in climate control and irrigation automation for greenhouses and outdoor facilities, with over 40 years experience in technological research and development in the industry. Our primary goal is to enable producers to maximise the yield of their crops with the minimum personal effort. To achieve this we focus our efforts on the research and development of software and hardware specifically designed to control irrigation, fertigation and climate conditions.

Nutricontrol climate control systems are specifically designed to generate the optimum climatic conditions inside your greenhouse. The equipment reads the information it receives from the sensors and responds by entirely automatically operating the actuators inside the greenhouse, such as the windows. EWater is a key element in every agricultural facility. A lack of or excess water and its condition are factors that may adversely affect your yield and compromise the quality of your crop. Nutricontrol offers you a full range of products allowing you to take complete control over your landscape and to manage your irrigation effectively.

Soil and plant water status monitoring by Puech & Asociados

We define objectives and offer integral solutions, with special dedication to irrigation programming, salinity control and fertilization with management and data access on the internet. We collaborate in national and internationa projects with companies and institutions.


Paper belt filter and Poseidon by Van der Ende groep

Image of Van der Ende groepVan der Ende groep will showcase the Poseidon Sodium Extractor, which won the FERTINNOWA innovation award in 2017. The Poseidon is developed specially for growers who sluice off water to discharge sodium: a system that extracts sodium from drainage water with a maximum retention of nutrients. The Poseidon complies combines membrane filter technology and activated carbon. The water treatment system can optionally be expanded with a reverse osmosis system to concentrate the water to be discharged and, in doing so, reducing it by 80%. The greatest benefits of the Poseidon are: decreases the sodium content in the drain silo, unique retention of nutrients, 50% nutrient savings, 80% water savings, no pollution of the environment, easy to install, low operational costs due to low energy consumption, low maintenance and more than 95% rejection of crop protection products.

The paper belt filters can be used for various liquid flows in your greenhouse. Moor Filtertechniek supplies a specially selected line of products for greenhouse and other horticultural uses, divided into belt filters for low-flow (3 to 15 m3/h) and high-flow (15 to 100 m3/h) use. Moor Filtertechniek’s paper belt filters are compact stainless-steel (304) models, complete with stainless-steel reservoir, pumps and switch box. A belt filter is suitable for various purposes, such as: discharge water from a sand filter, filtration of drain water, filtration of basin water, filtration of water from flood and drain (hydroponic) systems, pre-filtration for UV filters.


VISUALNACERTVISUAL 4.0 is an agricultural information management system with geolocation of the farms of the producers and agronomic management, it is based on an interactive map system and a continuous intelligent analysis of geo-referenced data. Among the most innovative aspects of VISUAL are:

  • Automatic geolocation of fields.
  • Calculation of occupied surface and SIGPAC references.
  • Agronomic management: Records and creates automatically a log of the activities and treatments that have been carried in each field.
  • Phytosanitary information: shows the phytosanitary products that can be used in crops for the pest or disease detected, containing the updated list of phytosanitary products authorized by the Ministry.
  • Satellite images and drones: With VISUAL you can monitor the vigour of the crop every 15 days, follow the evolution of the plots by consulting the most current satellite images and the maps of NDVI or water stress. This allows you to detect plants or areas of low vigour or productivity and as well as to make prescriptions improve irrigation efficiency. You always have the history of the last year to see the evolution of the field.
  • Sensors: Performing the monitoring of soil moisture content allows better irrigation management. The optimisation of the irrigation allows applying the irrigation appropriately and in suitable quantities to conserve the water resources, increase the quality of the crops and the profitability of the fields.
  • VISUAL SENSORS: VISUAL sensors are CAPACITIVE SENSORS. Sensors that measure the dielectric constant of the soil. They are based on the fact that the dielectric constant of the soil undergoes important changes with the introduction of water in the ground.
  • Online / offline work.
  • Advanced agroclimatics.

Wise Irrisystem S.L.

Wise solutions include a survey of the soil and the environment of the crop, the installation of a variety of sensors to control the irrigation, nutrition and climatic variables and a training process for the farmer.

  • We analyze the soil characteristics for determining it’s “working range” and provide a reference frame to obtain the meaning of the sensors values
  • We measure by sensors a variety of variables
  • We train the farmer for the correct interpretation and implementation during the first few months