Technology exchange: Water treatment system AQUA4D to improve nutrient uptake and soil structure.


Project description

Most horticultural soilless systems in Almeria are designed as open systems and free drainage is due to cause accumulation of salts under the growing bags. If these soils are afterwards used for soil crops, salt toxicity may occur. In this case bell red pepper var. Melchor plants are grown on coir lying directly on the natural soil (enficonado system ©). To assess the AQUA4D effect, it has been installed in an irrigation plot of 1250 m2 and will be compared with a second irrigation plot of equal area but no AQUA4D system. Four Rhizon soil moisture samplers were installed in both irrigation plots in order to evaluate the effect on the soil solution and yield.

Expected results

The electromagnetic treatment of the nutrient solution improves the nutrient uptake and the soil structure so we expect an improvement of the pepper yield.

Repeatability & Applicability

This showcase can be implemented in any irrigation system. 

Fertinnowa Responsible partner Instituto de Investigación y Formación Agraria y Pesquera. IFAPA
  36º30’N     21º18’  W
Period October 2017- July 2018
Farmer CLISOL. Fernando Díaz
Location El Ejido. Almería. Spain
Polígono 18
Objective The AQUA-4D system, according to the manufacturers, uses an electromagnetic treatment of the nutrient solution to allow a better nutrient uptake and to improve the performance of salt-affected soils.
Target Farmers, Technicians, Students
Development stage Start date 2017/09/14
Accessibility On date visit organized on request, web page and Fertinnowa web page.

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