Using Phytobac to naturally dissolve crop protection products


The Phytobac system is a system on which crop protection equipment can be cleaned and water with chemical residues can be caught and cleaned, rather than leaching it into the environment. The spraying equipment is placed on a grid, underneath the grid a collection tank is placed. The cleaning water that washes chemical residues away is caught and filtered with a sand filter to filter out any rough dirt and debris. Regular checks if the sand filter is clean are advised. The residual water is then pumped into a holding tank. This holding tanks feeds water automatically into the evaporation unit with the help of the steering equipment, where solar radiation and micro-organisms clean the residual water. Within this evaporation unit, a mixture of straw, compost and soil from the farmer is placed. Mixtures can range from 20 % straw and 80 % soil to 50 % straw, 40 % compost and 10 % soil. The soil from the farm already has certain micro-organisms which are used to the chemicals used. Together with the straw and compost, this substrate allows for a fast breakdown. The steering equipment on the holding tank makes sure the evaporation unit maintains a set moist level, by adding water from the holding tank when needed. Once per year, the soil in the evaporation tank should be mixed, using a shovel, to introduce fresh oxygen and increase the productivity of the micro-organisms. A Phytobac system can be purchased for €6 200. For larger farms, more Phytobac systems can be linked together.

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Pim van Adrichem

Stichting Proeftuin Zwaagdijk (ZW), Netherlands
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