Pure Chlorine Unit

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Contaminants in the grower’s water supply can be a hazardous problem. Algae bloom, bacteria or viruses can enter the water and disturb the growing process of the crop. The Pure Chlorine Unit is an installation for cleaning and disinfecting 100% of the water throughout the entire system (not like UV or ozon cleaning, which cleans only in 1 location, usually at the water unit), by producing and injecting pure chlorine directly in the water supply. No additional compounds (like chloride, chlorate, chlorite, sodium or potassium) are added to the water, thus the nutritional value (EC) of the water is not affected. The chlorine is produced using salt tablets, water and energy, which is produced on demand. The produced chlorine is directly injected into the water stream, eliminating the need for storage. The system is regulated by a PLC that controls the level of chlorine produced and introduced into the system. The system can operate on a set level of parts per million (ppm) chlorine, where the set level is automatically maintained. Next to that, a warning system is installed that can warn the grower if problems occur (too high ppm or leaks). The amount of chlorine produced depends on the water quality and the contamination level. The supplier of the unit can advise the grower for the correct levels. The system works on subpressure, which automatically shuts off if a pressure increase (due to a leak) occurs. The costs for a Pure Chlorine Unit can range from € 20 000 to € 120 000, depending on the desired size.


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