OSMOFILM is a device for the treatment and disposal of pesticide leftovers. The disposal of such wastes is regulated at European level by Directive 128/2009 regarding the sustainable use of agrochemicals. Such a system consists of: 1. containers (usually 1 m3 volume, combinable and stackable) for the collection of waste waters deriving from the washing of the spraying machines after pesticide distribution, 2. OSMOFILM bag to be filled in with pesticide leftovers and closed using a simple closure clip, 3. a support structure for OSMOFILM bag called OSMOBAC.
Instructions for use:
2. Fill the bag OSMOFILM with 250 litres of pesticide waste water, close it and place it below the protective sheet provided to protect it from UV rays.
3. Place the OSMOBAC facing south and towards the prevalent wind in order to encourage evaporation.
4. Dehydration occurs within some weeks.
5. At the end of the process, the pesticide dry residues remains inside the bag OSMOFILM
6. OSMOFILM bag is removed adopting all protective clothes and devices requested as compulsory by the law. It is then disposed of through specialised companies as a special – hazardous waste according to the current legislation.

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Federico Tinivella

Centro di Sperimentazione e Assistenza Agricola (CeRSAA), Italy
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