FERTINNOWA conference: Sharing fertigation best practices across Europe

About our conference

The thematic network FERTINNOWA is approaching its end.  This conference provides the European horticulture sector with a unique forum where academia, growers and associations, industry, policy makers and local authorities will have the opportunity to learn, exchange experiences and identify growers’ needs for optimal irrigation and fertigation management and to learn of FERTINNOWA’s results. More than 250 participants from all over Europe are expected.

What is FERTINNOWA’s spirit? To encourage communication. There will be active participation of growers, companies, experts and policy makers. This is an opportunity to interact!!!!

We want to know more about other projects and initiatives with similar goals: about sustainability, efficiency, conservation of water and nutrient sources. Submit your abstract or showcase your technologies now on our technology market!!!!

Who should attend?

Growers                           Technology providers                Policy makers

Advisors                           Produce organisations               Local authorities

Scientists                         Retailers

Working sessions

  • Water sources and availability
  • Improving water quality
  • Irrigation/fertigation equipment
  • Irrigation/fertigation management
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Climate change
  • Innovation transfer
  • Policy session

Attend the conference

The workshop is free to attend and you can register here. Optional fees: lunch 60€ and tours 40€.

Submit your abstract

You are invited to submit your abstract to participate in the FERTINNOWA’s conference by presenting your experience and projects in the areas of water and nutrient management, water quality, reducing environmental impact in fertigated horticulture.  Registration fee 120€.

Exhibit your technology

You are invited to submit an Expression of Interest to participate in FERTINNOWA ’s technology market. This will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your innovative technologies
and equipment, and to present your services. Each exhibitor will have the opportunity to make a presentation to attendees during the technology tours organised for the event. Exhibitors fee 500€.


Spanish and English, simultaneous interpretation

Important deadlines

Abstract submission deadline 30 July 2018 15 August 2018

Notification of acceptance/rejection 15 August 2018 5 September 2018

Exhibitors registration deadline 30 July 2018 30 August 2018

Registration deadline for delegates 15 September 2018



13 thoughts on “FERTINNOWA conference: Sharing fertigation best practices across Europe

  1. I would like to participate the Fertinnova conference in October in Almeria, Spain.

    Can this project maybe pay for my registration, lunches, tour, travel and accommodation?

    I can send my abstract, if I will get travel support.

    1. Dear Margit,

      Unfortunately, FERTINNOWA is not possible to provide financial support for abstract contributions.

      We hope that you will manage to secure a travel grant from an external body.

      Eleftheria on behalf of FERTINNOWA team

  2. Estoy interesado en participar en la exhibición. Veo que su valor es de 500 Euros.
    Deseo saber si esta tarifa cubre también la inscripción para la participación en la conferencia mediante la presentación de un abstract…?

    1. Dear Felipe,

      Apologies for not answering earlier. Exhibitors in the technology market will not have to pay an additional fee for an abstract submission. ALL exhibitors will have few minutes to introduce their technologies during the interactive tours followed by discussions with the audience. However, we strongly encourage technology providers to submit research-based abstracts for an oral or poster presentation. The scientific comittee will inform you about the outcomes on the 1st of September.

      Even though you won’t have to pay an abstract submission fee, please use the online platform for your submission.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information

  3. Sra Eleftheria Stavidrou.

    Deseamos saber cual es el trámite necesario para llevar desde Colombia, una máquina de fertirrigación para ser exhibida en la conferencia. Sus dimensiones son 100 cm de ancho por 60 cm de fondo y 50 cm de altura. Su peso aproximado 15 kg. Consta de una bomba de 0.5 HP, unos tubos de PVC, dos cajas de controles eléctricos y algunos otros accesorios. Se debe realizar algún trámite aduanero….?
    Por su cooperación Muchas Gracias.
    Felipe Calderón

    1. Hello,

      We are expecting participants mainly from Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Poland, France, Germany, Slovenia, Greece but not only.
      Registration has been extended and we are expecting to have around 250 participants.
      We will have about 15-20 technologies at our exhibition centre, if you are interested in having an exhibition booth please get in touch as soon as possible.


  4. Hello,
    is there a book of abstracts for the FERTINNOWA conference: Sharing fertigation best practices across Europe? I presented a poster/abstract and I can not find it.

  5. Hello,
    Are the slides presented during the conference available somewhere? If not, when will they be available?
    Thank you.

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