Interactive technology tours

Get to know more about water and fertilisation tools and technologies from all over Europe during one of the interactive technology tours! We will guide you along technology suppliers and researchers that will show you their recent developments and project outcomes. FERTINNOWA partners will tell you more about their experiences with the technologies and how they have been exchanged the last year. The tours, you give you the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of these technologies.

You can select to attend 2 of the tours below either in Dutch or English:

Tour 1: Alternative water sources, water storage systems

Get to know more about sub soil water storage systems, dimensioning your water storage, algae prevention and much more.

Tour 2: Water treatment

This tour will guide you along the most recent developments regarding filtration and disinfection technologies. Did you know that photocatalysis offers possibilities to disinfect your water and even to remove residues of plant protection products?

Tour 3: Irrigation and fertigation management in soilbound crops

Find out how to improve your irrigation and fertigation management in soil bound crops. Which sensors and decision support systems are there in Europe? And what can they offer you?

Tour 4: Irrigation and fertigation management in soilless crops

Do you want to improve the recirculation practices in your soilless crops? Maybe selective sodium removal can be of help for you? Or do you want to learn more about substrate balances?

Tour 5: Limiting environmental impact of fertigated crops

What are the possibilities today to remove or even recover nitrogen and phosphorus from discharge water? What are the developments regarding technologies to remove residues from plant protection products?

You can select the tour either in Dutch or English.

This page will be updated regularly as we confirm the exhibitors