Meeting growers’ needs: Exchanging Technologies on Irrigation and Fertigation

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Wednesday 15 November 2017, FERTINNOWA members organised a workshop on technologies for water and fertiliser use efficiency improvement, the preparation of irrigation water, and the reduction of emissions with impact on the environment. This event will take place at the new facilities of the World Horticenter in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands.

Ms. Eshter Lechevallier (CATE) presented the outcomes of the grower’s survey carried out by FERTINNOWA partners during 2016. The second day of the workshop the participants visited PRIVA’s headquarters and local farms were participants saw innovative technologies and heard about the barriers that growers are facing.

During a series of interactive tours, several organisations presented their latest innovations related to water and efficient nutrient use, the preparation of nutrient water and the reduction of emissions that affect the environment. Van der Ende Group has won the prestigious FERTINNOWA award with the Poseidon sodium remover. With an overwhelming percentage of 56% voted to be the most innovative water solution presented of the workshop.

The workshop attended over 100 stakeholders from 11 different countries.The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with stakeholders commenting that they had found it to be useful, inspiring and thought-provoking. And as always, the researchers involved welcomed the opportunity to work with such a diverse, knowledgeable and engaged group of stakeholders.

Thank you to everyone who attended the workshop and helped to make it a great success. 

The workshop program and the speakers’ presentations from the first day are available here. Also, take a look at the Photo gallery from the workshop!

For the workshop’s videos check our youtube channel.

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