Workshop overview

Organised by CATE, FERTINNOWA members and VEGEPOLYS, in collaboration with Bretagne Développement Innovation, this event aimed to gather together the main players and stakeholders of the horticultural production sector (ornamental horticulture, fruit & vegetable growing, etc.) and focused on the practical management of irrigation and fertigation issues (water quality, water use efficiency, nutrient use efficiency, source water management, etc.).

img_20161012_081853056_hdrMr. Thierry Burlot, vice-president of the Bretagne Region in charge of the Environment, Biodiversity and Waste introduced the event by recalling the importance of water management in Bretagne and the progress made by proper coordination between producers and the authorities.  The meeting was closed by summarising the main findings of the working sessions. The second day of the workshop the participants visit CATE experimental station and local farms were participants saw innovative technologies and heard about the barriers that growers are facing.

Moreover, ten companies (Agrozone, Aqua4D, Wood Valor, CoRHIZE, Dosatron, Grodan, Hoogendoorn, Hortimax, Lamberti, Priva) had the opportunity to display a range of solutions of innovative solutions for the fertigation management. CoRHIZE received the “Innovation of the event” award for the ORASA® service, which was decided by the participants. It is a mapping service of moisture using capacitive sensors and soil conductivity on 4 simultaneous depths. The experienced CoRHIZE Agronomy team provides technical advice on water management and fertiliser.

The workshop attended 140 stakeholders from 13 different countries.The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with stakeholders commenting that they had found it to be useful, inspiring and thought-provoking. And as always, the researchers involved welcomed the opportunity to work with such a diverse, knowledgeable and engaged group of stakeholders.

Thank you to everyone who attended the workshop and helped to make it a great success. 

Highlights from the first day