Innovation award

During the first FERTINNOWA event, ten companies (Agrozone, Aqua4D, Wood Valor, CoRHIZE, Dosatron, Grodan, Hoogendoorn, Hortimax, Lamberti, Priva) had the opportunity to display a range of innovative solutions for fertigation management. CoRHIZE received the “Innovation of the event” award for the ORASA® service, which was decided by the participants. It is a soil mapping service of moisture using capacitive sensors and soil conductivity on 4 simultaneous depths. The experienced CoRHIZE Agronomy team provides technical advice on water management and fertiliser. The Innovation Award offers CoRHIZE a free spot on the technology market during the workshop in the Netherlands in 2017 or the final FERTINNOWA event in Almeria in 2018.

For brief information about the ORASA® service click [EN] and [FR]

CoRHIZE’s presentation during the event can be seen below